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Handcrafted Artisan Mobile with Large Lampwork Marble and Evil Eye Protection Ward

$ 60.00

This single strand handcrafted mobile features a Traditional Blue Turkish Eye, sometimes called the 'Evil Eye'.  The Turkish Eye is traditionally a protective ward against all things evil.  The second strand features a handmade lampwork marble in Blue with White accent lines.

Suitable for indoors or outside around the pool, in the garden or in your special meditation spot.  


21" Long X 3" Wide

About all of our mobiles:

The mobiles in this collection are created by hand in Conroe, Texas.  

Each finished mobile features a unique combination of fused glass, cut glass, fossils, petrified wood, fascinating beads, silver bells, brass bells, river rock, silver wire or copper wire.

Each of our mobiles is made from custom aluminum, stainless steel or copper hardware with each unique embellishment attached using stainless steel swivels to ensure years of enjoyment in your garden, pool area, meditation spot or wherever you are led to display your mobile.

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